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  • We Treat Every Child As Equal

    • Personal Attention

      In order to achieve our goal of quality education and proper placement, we must understand that each child is different. While some pupils show obvious academic ability from an early age; others may need more encouragement. With a limited number of applicants accepted we are able to provide each and every student the personal attention they need to discover their aptitudes and develop their confidence as they experience numerous opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

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    Primary School Classes (1st to 5th)

     Primary school are the foundational years of a child’s life, where one develops a curiosity to learn. Hilltop School puts a strong focus on ensuring children in primary schools get a stress free environment that enables them to get a feeling of success and develop all-round well-being.The development of the child prepares her or him to acquire reading, writing and arithmetic skills balanced with survival skills. An integrated approach to learning by providing a variety of experiences such as dramatization, puppet shows, storytelling, learning by doing, exploring different mediums of art and experimenting.

    Middle School (Classes 6th to 7th)

     The Middle school years are the most formative years in the life of the student. It is essential that these years be used to increase the child’s love for learning and their curiosity. Strong focus on academics is provided with individual attention to each child. Children who excel in academics are encouraged to do better by proper recognition and motivation. Children who need some extra attention are given more time with tutors in the evening helping them to excel.

    Senior School (Classes 8th to 10th)

    In the senior years our students learn who they really are and begin to choose a path of education which will ultimately serve as a career. Knowing this, we strive to provide students with a wealth of information regarding different jobs, lifestyles, and extracurricular activities to understand what will best suit thier strengths and personalities. We also have on-site counseling to offer the students a chance to experience different paths before choosing their own.

    Senior Secondary (Classes 11th & 12th)

    When our students reach 11th and 12th classes our focus turns to their immediate future. In addition to the normal curriculum, we begin offering tuition to help with the board exams and placement. We also work with each child to assure they know where they want to go, what it takes to get there, and how to behave like a professional, responsible adult in the real world. We offer counseling to assist with college applications and provide special services to assist with essays, testing, toefl, and all other requirements for continuing studies abroad. These children are our future and we are here to assist them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow.