DHS hosts it's Annual Global Alumni meets 2023 on September 15,16,17. Hilltopians register soon at 9805440004 to reconnect and celebrates unforgettable memories.


    • Our Campus

      The Dalhousie Hilltop School earned it’s name by standing tall, at a height of 7600 feet, atop the hill we know as Upper Bakrota in Dalhousie, India. With spectacular views of the Himalayan Mountain range, the beautiful campus is spread over an impressive 12 acres, finding its home nestled amongst pine, deodar and apple trees.

       We pride ourselves on cleanliness and environmental awareness, teaching our students to care for and enjoy the beauty of our forests and mountains. We offer our students, and visiting parents, a chance to escape from the pollution, litter, hustle and bustle they find in the heart of India’s major cities and understand why Dalhousie is a destination for family vacations and travelers across the globe.While we help our students learn, grow, and develop into productive members of society, our environment provides our students with thousands of trails, unparalleled wildlife, and some of the world’s cleanest air.

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  • Why Us
    1. Personal Attention for Every Student
    2. Low Teacher to Student Ratio
    3. CBSE Affiliation
    4. CBSE Certified Staff Teaching Curriculum Focused on Board Exams and Placement
    5. Unique Teaching Methods with Teachers from Across the Globe
    6. State of the Art Computer Lab
    7. Focus on Participation, Teamwork, Public Speaking, and Writing Skills
    8. Real World Application in addition to Exams and Placement
    9. Wide Variety of Extracurricular Activities
    10. Spectacular Environment including World Class Views of the Himalayas and some of the Worlds Cleanest and Freshest Air
    11. 100% English Speaking School with focus on Public Speaking and Writing Skills