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  • Frequently Asked Question

    1What are the Special Features of your School?

    DHS is a very special place for children where they come happily and learn a lot. It has maintained its standard of excellence. Every part of it is a valuable arena of learning and a sense of balance permeates in every aspect of life. It has a very colorful & child friendly environment. It stimulates and satisfies a child's curiosity and enlarges the child's mental horizon.

    2 What age Group Children do you take in the School?

    The child is welcome to join Dalhousie Hilltop School as per the following age group LKG - 3 & half +

    3What is your Admission Process?

    The School academic year is from March. to Nov . The admission may be granted during other months also, depending upon the availability of seats. A Birth Certificate as a proof of age from the Civic Body is required at the time of Registration. Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of Registration.

    4Is School Uniform compulsory?

    Yes, The specially designed colorful uniform is recommended. This tradition contributes a strong sense of community at the School with an added benefit of having a neat & well groomed child.

    5 Do you converse in English with the Kids?

    In the beginning the child is made comfortable in the school by making use of both the languages to express himself. Gradually the child is conditioned to English commands, which is the requirement of the time.

    6 Do you provide School Transport?

    School transport is available. The charges vary as per the distance.

    7What is the ratio between the child & the teacher?

    The efforts are made to keep it low to give them good care. The child and adult ratio normally is 20:1.

    8Will my child be safe?

    The locations of Hilltop Schools are in very safe areas of the Dalhousie. Your child will be well-cared for and safety is of the highest priority of each boarding school.

    9Are there activities for boarding students during weekends?

    Yes. The boarding schools ensure that during weekends, their boarding students are occupied either in their own pursuits (with permission) or in organized school activities. Organized schools activities can be out to the movies, museums, shopping, sport games, outdoor tracking, and more.

    10Is a parent able to visit the school at any time?

    Of course. Parents must first advise school staff of their plans so they are able to plan for the visit and ensure that parents have meetings with any staff members organized. Schools enjoy having parents participating in the life of the school and welcome the involvement. The school staff will see parent visits as an opportunity to discuss a child's progress and well-being. Please let the school know in advance of intention to visit. The schools encourage parents and to visit the school before the student starts the school year.

    11What is the induction procedure once our child arrives at the school?

    DHS has a planned and carefully prepared orientation/induction procedure. It will include a tour, introductions to not only staff but also to possible 'friends' to assist the child settling in and getting to know others and routines. It could also include fitting of uniforms and meetings with faculty in regard to subject selection and timetable preparations. Safety drills and what to do if they feel unwell - are all covered by orientation/induction programs.

    12What should they bring? Is bedding and linen provided or do we need to supply this?

    Some schools provide the bedding and linen required for your child in the boarding residence. Others may require the family to arrange or provide funds for the purchase of these items for the purchase of these items. Many students like being able to select their own personalized bedding. Each school is a little different and so these details need to be checked through admissions prior to the child's expected arrival so that parents are prepared to provide what is required.

    13Are school reports issued to me regularly?

    Yes. School reports are issued very regularly for all students. Once your child is enrolled to ensure you know when to expect school reports.

    14How safe is your campus?

    DHS has a Security Officers Wing which works 24 hours patrolling the campus. Moreover, with all corridors and common areas under CCTV surveillance, all movement is closely monitored and recorded. There is only one entrance for vehicular traffic to ensure maximum safety and security.

    15What kind of medical support system do you have?

    .- A qualified doctor and trained nursing staff are available 24 hours to administer medications when required. There are separate observation rooms for boys and girls in the Infirmary. Aprana & Civil Hospital is a 10- 15 minute drive from the campus.

    16Can students bring their own music system, computer and mobile?

    Computer labs are made available to the students. Mobile phones and music system are strictly banned in the campus.

    17What type of food is served? Is outside food allowed?

    We work hard to provide hygienically prepared high quality nutritious meals for our diverse student body. An 'in campus tuck shop’ is available for the students 2 days a week. No food from outside is permitted in the campus. .

    18What documents should a student carry?

    The following original documents: Birth Certificate Transfer Certificate from previous school Report Cards of last two years Four Passport size photographs .