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A Wealth Of Knowledge

  • Library

    Library is a place where the child initiates his first step towards exploring and enjoying books. Children feel comfortable to read and study in our library. The school management takes care that access is provided to all the adequate, current and necessary resources for not only children but teachers as well. School encourages the staff and students to use these updated resources to perform their best and develop reading as a habit along with cognitive development.

    Dalhousie Hilltop School has ample bools for reading for children of all ages. School also subscribes leading newspapers and important magazines for the reading of children which generates interest in them for different types of reading which ultimately helps them to understand the subjects they learn in classes.

    School has over 2000 books as of now and we keep adding new titles on regular basis.

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    • Books should be handled with clean hands.
    • Books should be placed appropriately after reading.
    • Books should be kept away from water.
    • Bookmarks should be used to "save" where you stop reading.
    • Books should not be thrown.
    • Scribbling in the books should not be done.
    • Books should be returned on time.
    • Books when damaged should be reported to the library staff and the students should not repair it on their own.
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