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A Home Away From Home

  • Boarding & Hostels

    Dalhousie Hilltop residence is a place where our boarders can feel “at home” at the end of the school day in a space that is their own yet shared with other students. By living where they learn, our boarders develop a strong sense of responsibility, teamwork and accountability along with consistent study habits and time management.

    Boarding Advantage

    Each hostel has its own distinct identity but all share a family atmosphere. Each hostel is maintained by live-in housestaff who in turn are supported by supervisors and matrons. A resident teacher is allocated to each hostel to assist the house master/mother for academics, counseling etc. The younger children are initially assisted by attendants but soon become capable of making their own beds and looking after their belongings.

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  • On a campus spread over many acres, there are 4 hostels

    • Boarding Management

      The students live in a family atmosphere where they can feel safe and can grow with peace of mind. Moreover, life at the boarding house helps to develop an open mind and to encourage exchanges between students of different origins and cultures. They grow to become citizens of the world.

      Rather than just a substitute for home, boarding provides an extension to a child’s life and education, significantly enhancing relationships with family and friends, and providing a wealth of additional opportunities for a child to really get the most out of their school lives.

      Because hilltop is the best boarding school in dalhousie with such friendly, inclusive and nurturing environment that students naturally develop a strong sense of responsibility, caring for fellow students, their school and the wider world. As members of one of our junior and senior Houses, boarding and day scholars mix together. Everyone benefits from the experience of a residential style of education.

      Inspired by everything they experience at Hilltop, and supported by our strong community, students develop into confident, out-going young adults.

      DHS is counted as the top boarding school in Dalhousie, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. It is another home for students of different origins and cultures.

    • Best Boarding school in dalhousie, Punjab, Jammu & kashmir, Himachal pradesh
      Top Boarding School In Punjab, Dalhousie, Himachal pradesh, Jammu & kashmir
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