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Pride Of Self Discipline

    • NCC:

      Our aim is to develop the character, discipline, leadership and spirit of adventure amongst the young pupils. NCC is one such activity which students can pursue to add to their learning and aptitude.

      The children are trained to adopt leadership in every sphere of life so that they are ready to serve their nation effectively and passionately. It not only benefits them in improving their overall personality but also puts the candidates on the priority list while being selected for a job in future.

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  • Yoga:

    Apart from the academic education, it is important for the students to acquire life and creative skills. Young students are overloaded with lot of stress. Practicing yoga as a regular activity helps in the overall development of their personality, improving their concentration power and ensuring a relaxed mind.

    We help in building their strength to fulfill all day activities appropriately. We make sure our young learners stay stress free from all academic tensions which is beneficial for academic advancement.