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    • Living at DHS

      Living & Food

      The Hilltop experience is not simply about the pursuit of academic excellence. We are a school with a heart and a soul. We are a caring, inclusive community that respects the dignity of the individual — a family-like setting where attention to our students transcends the boundaries of the traditional academic day.1

      The dining hall at DHS is designed to provide the students and staff with a healthy, tasty, variety of foods in a clean and modern environment. We assure all cooking facilities are hygienic and all of our staff are trained professionals. Our delicious menu, which was redesigned in 2015, is prepared to satisfy every student’s palate while maintaining nutritional balance by offering our homemade versions of Northern and Southern Indian cuisine, Chinese, Continental, and specialty foods during festivals and holidays.

       To supplement the breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and dinner, there is a tuck shop on campus and we plan to open a bakery very soon!

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  • Infirmary-Medical Staff

     To ensure a safe and healthy stay on campus, DHS has a modern infirmary to meet all the medical needs of the students. A daily visit from the doctor, along with a matron and an ambulance service on campus, ensure that student’s health is taken care of at all times.

    In case of any emergency students are transported directly to the nearest hospital and the parents are contacted immediately. To better understand our students we urge all parents to inform us about any specific health issues in the beginning of the school year.

  • A Day In The Life

    At DHS we understand that structure is critical to success both in school and beyond. Our action-packed routines keep students busy and out of trouble while teaching them self-discipline, respect, and self-reliance.

    A day in the life of a Hilltop Student is as follows:

    Our students begin each morning with a 5:30 AM rouser. They are given 20 minutes to wash and change, 40 minutes of P.T. and an hour for bathing and dressing. At 7:40 the students are inspected by the House Master and at 7:55 all students report to the dining hall for breakfast.

    At 8:00 AM the students report for assembly and from 8:20-3:00 the students attend their regular classes. During this scheduled time they have breaks at 11:10 for tea and snacks and again at 1:10 for lunch.

    From 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM the students attend specialty classes and games periods. These classes include music, art, dance, library, computer labs and all sports and physical activities. At 5:00 it is time for tea then the students prepare for evening prep.

    Dinner is served at 7:30 PM followed by a short break and night prep where final homework, studying, and teacher assistance is done. At 10:00 PM the lights go out and the action-packed day is finished!